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Latest projects


We’ve been doing live streaming for over 5 years


PROESPORT.CZ is backed by an experienced team that grows with every event and pushes the boundaries of broadcast quality. We can broadcast from unconventional locations, even in 4K resolution and to all sports TVs. We can also produce edits and edited shows for offline broadcasting.

We film and broadcast TV shows, shows, esports tournaments, presentations and just about anything you can think of. We broadcast it in the best quality to any social network.

We also host. We create our own tournaments, organize them and then broadcast the whole thing.


Ceny Hráčů 2015 – 2018
Mercedes Benz Virtual GP – O2 TV Sport
DATART Fortuna e-Liga
CZC.cz iSport liga
ElectroWorld Heartstone turnaj
Play Station Stage na FORGAMES 2018, 2019
EHL hokejová esportová liga – O2 TV Sport
Derby pomáhá, Sparta vs. Slávie – ČT sport